Saturday, August 2, 2014

Being a tourist in my own town

Harbour Princess lunch tour up the Indian Arm

Leaving the harbour

Bye Vancouver

Passing my old friend the ms Zuiderdam

ms Zuiderdam and Grand Princess


Bye Vancouver

North Vancouver

Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

Blue meets blue meets blue
and up the Indian Arm we go
To Silver Falls


McBarge from Expo 86

Heading back to Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

Back to Vancouver
Big red bus at the train station

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June lunch with Jen and Hailey

Not the best of the pics i took of my grandaughter Jennifer and great grandaughter Hailey but the only ones that survived. Somehow half of the pics were deleted. I knew i shouldn't be messing with them when i was tired but i did and now i know what not to do ever again!

Hailey gets a brand new box of crayons

maybe Haileys baby needs to eat a crayon?

Great grandma thinks i should play her Ipad slot game

Or a crossword puzzle?

But i'd rather colour

Don't bother me when i'm creating

Concentrating on my art

My masterpiece is done

Thinking of trying a lemon

Home James.........uh, mommy

Friday, April 18, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

At the entrance of the Mirage

Our room was about half way up and under the left side "The"

Great location as we could see the hourly volcano eruption yet far enough up to not be bothered by the sounds of it or the traffic on the strip

Enjoyed the casino glitz

The flowers in the lobby

Checking out the neighbourhood

The Venetian
The canal

On the overpass to Treasure Island

Bob wins some wild blue pennies

Riding the tram from Treasure Island back to the Mirage

Sun setting on the strip

Mirage reflections due to the blackened window glass causing distortions

McCarren airport @ 80ยบ where we caught a ride with a woman pilot; a first for us!

This was the reason we didn't get off the ground at Bellingham, Wa airport in February. What a difference 2 months makes!
All in all a fun trip, great hotel with the BEST buffet and more than enough to see and do a mere fraction of what was available.