Friday, April 18, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

At the entrance of the Mirage

Our room was about half way up and under the left side "The"

Great location as we could see the hourly volcano eruption yet far enough up to not be bothered by the sounds of it or the traffic on the strip

Enjoyed the casino glitz

The flowers in the lobby

Checking out the neighbourhood

The Venetian
The canal

On the overpass to Treasure Island

Bob wins some wild blue pennies

Riding the tram from Treasure Island back to the Mirage

Sun setting on the strip

Mirage reflections due to the blackened window glass causing distortions

McCarren airport @ 80ยบ where we caught a ride with a woman pilot; a first for us!

This was the reason we didn't get off the ground at Bellingham, Wa airport in February. What a difference 2 months makes!
All in all a fun trip, great hotel with the BEST buffet and more than enough to see and do a mere fraction of what was available.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lunch with my grandaughter and great grandaughter

Always cheerful Jennifer
Jen and Hailey
Haileys an artist!
Snack time
Floor time
Hailey is 11 months old now
Hailey reads her book

The baby lamb was this big...
Thanks for the nice visit Jen and Hailey

Sunday, August 4, 2013

New road continued - a whole new section is open

Near my street, just around the bend all of a sudden a new set of signal lights. I drove by the day before it was still in a mess with no hint of signal lights and the next day it's suddenly open. I was surprised and excited to see where it goes and what it looks like so some of my pics aren't great.

I live near the tower

Right now it's two way traffic but will be southbound this way with the other road being built above the other direction.

Here we are already rejoined the old road at the entrance to the Surrey/Fraser docks

We turned around and are driving back the same way....gotta see what it looks like both ways!


Now we've rejoined the old River Road where this section started.
Can't wait until the whole thing is done now, I feel so proud of our road! We know more now seeing what a great job has been done after years of waiting for trucks and following a million big slow trucks and the detours! Its moving along and this road will affect our community in a very positive way. 


Saturday, August 3, 2013

New road continuing heading north

So just around the corner I was surprised to see the heritage house was gone....but wait there it is out of the corner of my eye, moved 20 feet away and is now hiding just behind the trees on the left.

and here is the gully
and up the other side
New stuff will be happening just around the corner where the new road should appear once again
oh look it's going up there
RR runs alongside

why so high?
leveling out now
another detour
So nice and quiet on a Sunday but bumper to bumper trucks during the week

Looking good and the rest of the plan should go more or less straight through here

Stay tuned for exciting new section near my house that just opened to traffic.